I read, I write, I tell stories. If you ask my friends they’ll tell you I’m extremely extra; a dinner party cannot simply be a dinner party at my house, it will be a night to remember.

To that end, I am not your average friend, I am that friend. If you ask my family, they’ll tell you I’m a straight shooter, troublemaker, and a nutter. If you ask me, I’m all those things and a work in progress. Third generation Nigerian emigrant living in the UK, I am proudly African and deeply invested in the stories that shaped me growing up. My grandmother wrote one of the most celebrated African children’s story books; Oluronbi’s Promise, and it’s safe to say I inherited a modicum of her gift for storytelling, (yeah, me- sorry sis), having completed my second novel. My first- a short(ish) story- was self-published on amazon. It’s a fun read.

I am the atypical Pisces; two sides of a coin- an introverted wild child. My relationships- family and friends- mean the world to me, but I enjoy the pleasure of my own company, often times a little too much. Grossly over-analytical yet wildly spontaneous; I love to travel, see the world, experience new cultures… but I am tethered to home and my roots. I have a highly addictive personality, therefore a growing list of unhealthy obsessions. Not a huge fan of the unknown; I am that person who reads the end of a book in order to know how invested I should be in a character, but will still be surprised even if I already know how the story ends! I know! I’m bloody mental. Some experts would call it sociopathic, but I promise I have no bodies on my name…

If you ask for my opinion, I’ll give it to you unfiltered, therefore if you’re being an
idiot, I’ll let you know in those exact words.

Alongside this space, I have a full-time job that I work way too hard at but enjoy, chances are I may never stop working even when this blog becomes a full-time gig; “activity suggests a life filled with purpose” – Captain von Trapp, and I find purpose in many spaces. I hope this space of mine fills you with as much laughs and light, in the moment and always.

Thanks for stopping by.