"they said we could have it all... they just didn't tell us how."



Fendi Couture In A Land Far, Far, Away…

Ninety years going, not bad. For a fashion house, not bad at all. At its recent couture show, the Kaiser showed Fendi off to spectacular delight and it couldn’t be more enthralling. From its classic monogram to it’s baguette, Fendi has given fashion a lot of iconic moments. Not too long ago its shoes adorned several pairs of […]

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Gucci resort- -9

Gucci Resort ’17- The State of Things To Come

Fashion. Its in a particular state right now, and several designers are trying to unpick their way out of the particularity of the situation whilst others have remained stumped. Season to season there is a raging debate on the nature of collections and the impact on the consumer and designer. For us, its a spectator sport […]

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GAP AD 1969

GAP- It’s Not Us, It’s You

If GAP were a boyfriend, he would be the really needy, cloying type always wanting affection and reassurance; like me, need me, want me… Like Oy Vey grow a pair. Everyday, every other day, in my inbox is an email from GAP, 40% off, 35% off, 30% off code,  40% off duo deal and extra 10% […]

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Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre- The Five Wonders

Close your eyes and picture your most enchanting dream, a place where you’ve longed to go but can only do that in a dream. Are you there? Its perfect, sands beneath the soles of your feet, sweet sea breeze, the azure blue ocean stretches as far as the eyes can see. Ice cream, lots of ice cream, more […]

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Florence- Eat. Play. Stay.

Always and forever, Florence will have my heart. I could go back there everyday and still never have enough of it. The people. Their passion. The food. The ambience. Even the tourists, nothing ever makes Florence less that what it is- BEAUTIFUL. EAT In Florence you can eat anywhere and everywhere there is no shortage of […]

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Florence- Love At First Sight. Always…

Perhaps the first thing you notice about Florence is her astounding beauty and romance, a city surrounded by evidence of times past, a presence of beauty, and an endless charm for the future. Even with the tourists swarming at peak season nothing takes away from her beauty. It feels like you are in a cocoon, trapped in a […]

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Beyonce formation

Formation- Beyoncé

“I did not come to play with you hoes. I came to slay bitch.” When I die I want this on my tombstone. It is 2:30am in London and I find myself going through a very dejá vu moment. It seems Beyonce has a connection to my sleep time because every time I try to go to […]

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WOMEN, New Portraits- Annie Leibovitz

When its all said and done, Annie Leibovitz will go down in history as one of the greatest visionary of our time. Without question, she would deserve this honour because for years to come we will marvel at her body of work. Her photographs capture the soul, the essence of a person, her subject whether animate […]

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Pancakes For Lunch- Bad Aunty

Baby sitting weekend is my favourite with my cheeky two year old nephew who talks back, claps back and asks why. A LOT. I love it. It is also my chance to be the cool fun aunt that flaunts the rules before giving him back to his parents. We keep it secret until of course […]

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The British Summer

Nothing, NOTHING, is more perfect than the British summer, when she does decide to show up. For two weeks of what should be a twelve week season we get the perfect summer weather; sun shining, sky as blue as the ocean on the coast of Italy, trees green, full of life and blossoming with flowers, […]

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No 1 Duke St

No. 1 Duke Street- Richmond

The pleasure of somewhere nice to eat is a big deal. The pleasure of finding somewhere nice to eat, close to where you live or work is an even bigger deal. Its one of the reasons why I thoroughly enjoyed dining at No.1 Duke Street. A little neighbourhood spot in Richmond. Its almost like going […]

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