The E.D.T.D | Madam’s London

London; young at heart wrapped in an old soul, she big and ballsy full of energy and fun…


Nestled at the top of one of my favourite hotels in London with the most precious views of the capital is what is in my opinion, the best Chinese restaurant in London. Min Jiang is on the tenth floor of the Royal Garden Hotel, right next door to Kensington Palace, with views of the Palace and Hyde Park, in the horizon is the skyline of London town and all that makes it so beautiful and worth it.


I inherited my dad’s bohemian nature for travelling and staying in hotels. I love staying in hotels, not airbnb or hostels, but hotels with room service and really good breakfasts- airbnb makes me feel like I am crashing on someone else’s turf so can never feel at home, and I have heard the horror stories and hostels because *Cedric voice* I’m a grown ass woman. On the rare occasion I do get some time away from the desk and screen of everyday grind, I love to check into a hotel and forget the world outside of it and The Ampersand hotel is one of such hotels I prefer to fall through bang in South Kensington, what I think of as London’s sweet spot. South Ken’ is near to everything but far enough away to be engulfed in a refreshing peace, and the Ampersand hotel is two minutes from the station.


Walk the Parks, and see the seasons come to life in London. There is nowhere to witness the change of seasons as in London. Its a rare kind of magic that one must observe; beautiful and dreamiest times of the year. There is that incredible window when everything is just right, the orange rich enough, the greens luscious enough and that golden glow at sunset and sunrise. You have to resist to do a happy dance with the change the seasons bring. So when in London, observe the seasons. Walk the parks Richmond Park to see the Queen’s deers, Hyde Park my favourite ever in London, Regent’s Park, the capital is no short of them each with its own unique quirks and characteristics. Be still in silence and surrounded by the unending buzz of London alive and all around you.