My instagram is filled with food shots, primarily dessert because that is my main food group; I never met a dessert I didn’t immediately love. So imagine my sheer joy when I found the perfect waffle in London, at one of my favourite department stores; why Harvey Nics of course. Wafflemeister make the best waffles I have ever tasted and trust me I’ve tasted my fair share and then some. With fresh fruits, the most delicious and fluffily fluffy whip cream, Oreos, ice-cream, with melted milk, white or dark chocolate, even sprinkles. We are spoilt for choice. And if plain is your thing they got chu too. Starting from £2.20 for a plain waffle to £4.45 for a little bit of something extra, extra, its to die for.

They do drinks too, shakes, American thick shakes that are absolutely delicious and the hot chocolate is a thing of true pleasure.

Wafflemeister in London; South Kensington, Portobello Rd, Oxford St. Baker St and Harvey Nichols 5th floor food market.