Fashion Week is around the corner therefore, the MVP on earth right now is the ever savvy PR girl. She’s busy, on the go, with a peak period approaching there is no time to dally. She’s on the phone all through brunch, solving all kinds of crisis even the UN couldn’t keep up with her. Her to-do list runs to infinity and beyond; seating plans, photographers, press passes, editorials, stylists and just to add more madness to her morning, some very angry reporter has written an unfavourable piece about the brand or some pesky blogger has gotten on her high horse and gone on a tirade…ugh! And a Call-in on a sunday? Who does that? Fashion people of course, because when it comes to fashion, all hours are work hours. It may not be saving the world but it comes pretty damn close. No time for a life outside of this because this is her life. Her mother is nagging in one ear and her boyfriend in another, commitment…she is committed, but to her job. Misplaced priorities they say. But not to her.

Her uniform is black; only because its functional during these crucial times. Black but by no means bleak; Joie Maxi, Givenchy tote, Pedro Garcia sandals, YSL gold cuff and a pair of Prada oversize sunglasses, having just rolled in from the brand event the night before at 5am this morning, the sunnies hide a multitude of sin…but she is superwoman and she gets the job done.