Politics is a nasty game, a game in which God is played by men who think they know it all. Men who have assumed it is their right to tell you, who to be, who to love, how and when. As they do with Gay/Lesbian/Transgender rights. How is it possible that a politician can define love and call the love between man and man, woman and woman, unacceptable when they themselves have often displayed questionable behaviour of moral turpitude? We, the people whom you serve, did not vote on your marriage so why do you think you have the right to define what my kind of love is and how I should freely express it? The world is changing and politicians seem to be unwilling to grow with it and these are men with whom we have charged to enforce the law.

The latest political cacophony; Republican Representative Todd Akin of Missouri gave an interview in which he expressed his “expert” opinion of the female body, because you know, us girls don’t know our bodies like he does. According to the good Congressman Akin, rape can be “legitimate”.

“first of all from what I understand from doctors, pregnancy from rape is really rare…if its legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down…”

No, no, don’t adjust your screen, you read that right. He made this in defence of his pro-life stance; he thinks the punishment should be on the rapist and not the child. The only defence that can be made here is that Todd Akin is ignorant but in this case, ignorance is not bliss. By implying that rape in itself can be legitimate, is an insult to the many victims of rape. He insinuates, in his obtuse representation, that rape can be defined by something other than the victim’s perspective before it should be so termed; perhaps a bill should be passed and debated upon on just what constitutes this legitimate rape…

For using the expression “legitimate rape” Congressman Akin, shame on you.

His description of the “female body” as if it were an enigma of some sort, is all the more telling of his mentality. Only more than half the world’s population possess this female body that Congressman Akin so casually disregards, as if to say it’s a machine, a mechanism for reproduction, as opposed to one possessing of a sound mind, whose abilities go beyond the scope of reproduction, who stands as a counterpart in business, politics, world affairs….

The right of a woman to choose whether or not she wants to keep the product of rape is hers and hers alone to make. A choice not up for debate in any circle; political or religious. When a child is conceived by rape, it is done without consent, through force and violence. It is done in the most debasing of ways and as a violation of the woman. Not by her choice, not by a love shared with another, but by a degenerate whose blood will flow in the vein of that child. Congressman Akin it is not your place to tell her to just deal with it. An abortion is not something a woman just decides to do because she is having a bad day, not something she ticks off her list…there are psychological and emotional pains to consider, something you cannot begin to comprehend as I don’t believe you have had to suffer this pain.

By definition Congressman Akin, because it seems to me that you are lacking a thorough education on this subject;

“Rape is sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse, initiated by one on more persons against another person without their consent”- Wikipedia

“Sexual intercourse without valid consent”- The UN.

“physically forced on otherwise coerced penetration even if slight of the vulva or anus using the penis, other body parts or objects”- WHO.

“The penetration, no matter how slight of the of the vagina or the anus with any other body parts or object or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person without the consent of the victim”-FBI

And here are some legitimate points to chew on whilst you sleep at night;

  1. In the decade long conflict in the Congo; thousands of women were raped. Among them a 15 year old raped by soldiers and she fell pregnant, a 42 year old whose husband was killed before she was raped by the soldiers and abandoned. Even more harrowing is the case of a 4 year old who was raped by a man in her village…please read this to gain some understand this issue that you so glibly trivialise.
  2. This article in 2002 written about rape South Africa suggests that one in four girls are more likely to be raped by the age of 16. And results of the survey of young men in South Africa highlighted in this article concludes that one in four men admitted to rape and for many, more than one victim. Most of them also carry out the attacks before the age of 20.
  3. Rape was once considered “the spoils of war” and has been deployed as a tactic of war for several decades from the “comfort women” in Japan in WWII to the Bosnian rape epidermic during conflict in the region. During the Rwandan genocide in 1994, hundreds of thousands of women were raped in the name of ethnic cleansing and most still live with the aftermath today. In some parts of the world women are stoned to death for being victims of rape whilst the perpetrators are never brought to justice. What justice is that?

There’s more but I shouldn’t have to do the leg work for you Congressman Akin and I’m sure you get my drift.

As a politician, especially as a politician, the ignorance Congressman Akin has displayed on this subject is inexcusable but as a human being, he has done us a great disservice. Of course he has seen the error of his words and is now full of remorse and whilst he is legitimately allowed to apologise, we are legitimately allowed to tell him what to do with it.

Congressman Akin, I legitimately urge you to BACK OF THE UTERUSES.