I posted this review on my tumblr a few months back but wanted to share it again here with you considering I did the Q&A with Erica the author on Monday….here’s why you should be reading this very lovely book.

“Better to be with the right person and the wrong ring, you can upgrade the rock but the man is here to stay.” Emily.

These are words every girl should read and remember as she forays into the land of womanhood and begin to make those life altering decisions. Words from a book I read and utterly, utterly love. My Life in Loubies by Erica Negi.

When I found out I could only get the book from the US, because there are NO sellers in the UK! Even on my trusty Amazon, I made it my personal mission in life to get it. Being the highly addictive and slightly (*S) impatient person that I am, and feeling as if everyone but me was invited to some chic book party judging by the rave reviews, I wasn’t going to wait for the three to five day delivery, I was barely able to manage one. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait at all because I was able to download it from the Ibook store. God bless you Mr Jobs for making it possible for me to have everything at my finger tips. I wasted no time in reading.

My Life in Loubies, chronicles the journey of Vanessa (Vaness) from flaky girl with a love of all things Louboutin to a woman who realises that wearing those beautiful Scarlet soled shoes makes you no different from the other non- Louboutin wearing, ballet flats loving, Chuck Taylors rocking, person, because you pound the same pavement they do, albeit in different boroughs and at varying heights.

Vanessa is a woman on a mission to get that rock and then find happy ever-after, in that order. After a sad breakup with Ethan; her one time perfect boyfriend, she decides its time to trade up, and trade up she does from Ethan’s Brooklyn to the palatial estates of South Beach. Enter Carmen, the knight in shining armour who is too good to be true. He showers Vanessa and her niece Sofia, with all of life’s little and large luxuries, giving them an entree into a life of utter decadence, complete with the sweet, scented, million dollar air; the private beach, the personal masseuse, the chef, the country clubs, ladies who lunch…

But soon enough, the Louboutin paved road to Happy-Ever-After takes a detour into the real world and Vanessa is dropped back down to earth from towering heights to sobering lows.

This book takes a complete look at the different facets of a woman’s life, so many facets so well explored. There is no dearth of love, laughter, happiness, sadness, and all those moments caught in between, moments we can so easily relate to. Vanessa’s friendship with her best friend, Emily, goes through all those layers of female friendships; from the happy go lucky childhood phase, to that unbreakable bond, to those murky middle grounds where your life suddenly falls into different trajectories. We also witness Vanessa in motherhood mode being the carer of her niece Sofia after the tragic death of her sister.

What is so fantastically enchanting about this tale is that it captures something within, it makes you, the reader, look beyond the comfort of your chi-chi, perfectly branded life and ask yourself that all important question; is it all really worth it? Something Vanessa has to do quite frequently. But more than anything it reminds us of the simple and special pleasures in life that don’t come in a sky- high, scarlet soled, $800 pair of shoes or a bedazzling diamond ring, but at perfect moments when we need them the most, even in the most unexpected boroughs.

As I said to Erica Negi the author of this enchanting story on twitter, this book is EVERYTHING. And that is a FACT.