Spring-Summer A-Z; N, Nail it.

Spring-Summer A-Z; N, Nail it.

There’s nothing I love more than nail polish when it comes to beauty products, second to a dramatic mascara, painting my nails is like therapy of the sorts. Don’t be surprised if you catch me awake at 3am painting me nails for the third time in one day, its been known to happen. Matter of fact as I type this I’ve changed my nail polish three times, settling eventually on the first colour…I may indeed be crazier than I thought. And even the slightest chip can set me back the whole damn day. Fact.

So imagine my sheer joy when I click into my inbox to find essie’s new line up of neons. Oh I love Essie! they nail it so right every time. I love what they do with nail polish, I love the names and the colours of their polishes, every season is a new surprise, a fun one. This season even more so. Its a clubber’s paradise.

essie neons bottle service
Bottle Service

Bottle Service. Its all about taking over the club VIP style. Pure swagger, see and be seen from the centre table, obvs the best in the house, to popping all kinds of champagne on your tab of course. This is the colour for the showstopper and don’t you know it.

essie neons dj play that song
DJ Play that Song

DJ Play that song. Girl that is my jam!! On the floor all night long, song after song, this DJ has got you boo. Come prepared to never leave the dance floor and sweat like the rent is due tonight.

essie neon shake your $$$ maker
Shake your $$ maker

Shake your $$ maker.  A personal favourite if only for the name but the colour has serious mojo too. Take it to the floor, swing your hips, flip your weave don’t worry if you lose a track or two, because you are in the zone and that’s all that matters. Come on now, shake yo’ money maker.

essie neons saturday disco fever
Saturday Disco Fever.

Saturday Disco Fever. Boogies nights never felt so good, throw on your best threads, glam it up to the nines, hair, makeup, cha! cha! cha! Its the freaking weekend baby, don’t waste a saturday night indoors, get your arse to the disco. With this colour they won’t forget you.

essie neons boom boom room
Boom Boom Room

Boom Boom Room. gotta get that Boom Boom Boom at the Boom Boom Room. I got that hit to beat the block you can get that base on the low. Forget the chicken jacking your style and copying your swagger, cuz you’re on that next sh!t now..they’re so 2000 late.

essie neons bouncer its me
Bouncer, its me!

Bouncer, its me! You’re trying to get in the club, and the queue is just loooong and what not, you did not get all cute for this. You walk up to the door, you see its the bouncer from the other night…you got this. Flash a smile, shake his hand and promise to save him a dance. Velvet ropes pulled back, access all areas. That’s how its done. Or just fake it till you make it in.