Let’s Have A Kikki

Let’s Have A Kikki

As you already know, I love stationery. Beyond love, I am OBSESSED with stationery, give me beautiful notebook, a medium in pen, post-its over chocolates any day!! Over cupcakes? Nah we are not there yet but chocolates, absolutely. One evening whilst traipsing around Covent Garden with a friend, I stumbled upon Kikki.K, a Swedish stationery brand that opened up shop late 2015.

Covent Garden is one of the loveliest places in London, filled with everything and them some; the Piazza and its restaurants, the theatre districts, street performers and lovely shops. It has one of my favourite places for brunch, Balthazar and something about Covent Garden reminds me of Italy, it is loud and bustley but cosy enough and very pleasant. The shops are familiar and there is enough room to roam. I love big cobbled square where you can people watch or dine out in the summer.


Kikki.K is in the heart of Covent Garden, a spacious light store filled with paper goods of all kinds and amazing desk accessories. Heaven for me. Paper weights, pen holders and journals, calendars, to do lists notebooks, pens… again HEAVEN!! The general theme is goodness and positivity, quotes in notebooks, a little cheesy but its really good stuff. I especially love the Travel journal that has all of the needs to meet your travel planning and then some, the 16 journal and the thankful journal. Notebooks that remind you to take a moment in the chaos of everyday life. I love that.


I find the story of Kikki.K especially adorable; the founder Kristina Karlsson stumbled upon the idea whilst trying to set up her home office that was meant to lead to her dreams only for her to stumble upon her dreams where she didn’t find stationery to suit her needs. I can totally relate to that because no matter how many notebooks I buy none can ever be good enough so I just keep buying and buying and with Kikki.K the possibilities are endless.

Kikki.K 5-6 James St Covent Garden London, WC2E 8BH. kikki-k