Champagne Truffle Brownies

I promise brownies are not the only things I make, I make other things but I have a sweet tooth so here we are… Brownies are possibly the greatest export from America to the world. Nothing will ever top it when it comes to dessert; it is as basic a recipe as you can get which is why it is so easy to make all your own. I don’t necessarily love chocolate, correction I don’t like plain chocolate, simple milk chocolate that is, because I think chocolate should have something more to it, nuts, NOT RAISINS. I particularly do not like dark chocolate, components important for brownies. When I make brownies, I get typically very indulgent; milk chocolate from Lindt is often my go to or Ferrero Rocher, a subtle dark chocolate laced with something and most recently Pink Marc de Champagne truffles. Brownies are a joy to bake any time of day, but midnight is an especially lovely time to bake, the house is quiet no one getting in your way, just you, your senses and chocolate. The mix is always simple, always easy, always uncomplicated.

The things:

How to:

Now, this is where things get really tricky for me, bake for twenty-five minutes, but then that is never enough so I snooze for five minutes but then check it two and a half minutes later.

Brownies should never be well done, it should be soft and gooey in the middle when you stick you knife in to check it. It should still be wet but not raw. So I’d say twenty-eight minutes is a good time.

Let the brownie cool before you get to work on squaring it up…

Try this and weep with job. With simple vanilla ice-cream and I bet you your life will never be the same again.

You’re welcome.

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