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    21/02/2021 by

    I think about Randy Pausch a lot, specifically his last lecture. More specifically, his Eeyore, Tigger analysis. You can watch it here Randy Pausch was a father of three boys who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a disease he fought time and again until the doctors found that there is nothing more they could do… Read more

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    18/02/2021 by

    In 2007 we witnessed, the entire world witnessed, the breakdown of Britney Spears. So public and so undone, we witnessed this young woman whose career was on course to make her a bonafide legend in the industry, come apart before our eyes. The press ran its stories with searing and jeering headlines, putting it all… Read more

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    18/01/2021 by

    I remember the day I bought this chest, I’d touched down from a whirlwind trip from New York, whistle stop to literally swap suitcases in London and jump on another flight to Bologna for work. Having landed in Bologna bleary eyed and bushy tailed I needed to kill the jet-lag about to set in so… Read more

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  • DKNY Crosby Shoulder bag

    09/05/2012 by

    Details; a deliciously tan, structured satchel, oozing with style. Rigid in structure, fluid with charm, a detachable shoulder strap and double flap gives this bag even more versailtiy with vintage touches. Subtle hardware with the swish turn lock and logo’d pocket inside divider makes this bag an even more perfect fit for any lifestyle really.… Read more

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  • London | Daisy Green

    23/02/2021 by

    Guys! Guys!! We are getting out of here!!! We are going outside of inside!! Bloody hell June 21st could not come quick enough because even I am TIRED of starring at my pretty walls and picture frames and moving furniture only to move it back. It has been a long year! I cannot beleive we… Read more

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  • Lisbon- Charming Nostalgia

    22/02/2021 by

    Lisbon is light, frivolous and… happy. In the summer, it is intoxicating, in the winter I would imagine serendipitous. It’s a happening spot, fun and flirty yet encapsulated by the charm of its history. For a city built on seven hills it is as theatrical as it is modern yet the history is not lost… Read more

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