A bit about me…

So here’s me in a nutshell…

I’m a girl at heart in a woman’s body.

I’m a writer and I love to tell stories.

I am an acclaimed daydreamer. I have almost completed two books which will get published someday…I’m a sucker for romance so my books always end Happily Ever After…I want to write the greatest love story ever… I’ll read a book fifty times simply because I love a good story. I’ll watch a movie a hundred times and recite every line, every time.

My favourite love story is the Sound of Music but Beauty and the Beast, the Disney version, comes a very close second. I never saw Bambi until I turned 30! And I didn’t cry but I did want to be a vegetarian for about a minute.

On style

I’m an addict of so many things;

Shopping…my creed; “I shop therefore I am.”

My vice: handbags. Given the choice I’ll pick a handbag over a boyfriend…wait a minute, I actually did.

Necessities; bug eyed sunglasses, even with the dreariest of looks it gives an element of so cool.

Essentials; The Grey cardigan is the bones of my closet.

I am having a fashion love affair with Marc Jacobs…I have fantasies of being the first and only Mrs Jacobs. Don’t judge.

I love women who design for women; Donna Karan, Stella McCartney, DVF, its hard enough being a woman in fashion, we need all the love we can get.

I am an advertiser’s dream. The ideal costumer. If someone tells me a product would change my life, I’ll buy it and expect it to, LITERALLY. I’m not gullible, I just give everyone and everything the benefit of the doubt until they show me I shouldn’t.

I love fashion but I hate labels; tall- short, fat- thin, rich- poor, black- white, blonde- brunette… Arghhhh!! Just be yourself and fuck the norm, the rest of the world will catch up eventually.

On a random tip

I love to laugh and I love a good sneeze. ACHOO!!

I believe in good and bad, heaven and hell. I believe in the goodness of people and I pray for world peace someday.

3am manicures are my thing. Often when I cannot get to sleep I’ll paint my nails. No I’m not depressed or anything, just a tad weird is all.

I believe I was a rock star in my former life because most of my fantasies circle around a stage, crowds and badass guitar playing.

I have the weirdest taste in music;

Wish-I-had-written song; I’m not gonna teach your boyfriend by the Black Kids.

Most nostalgic tune; MMMBop by Hanson.

Daily anthem is “Sh-Boom” by the Overtones.

Bopping my head most likely to Barry Manilow’s Copa Cabbana.

Da Doo Run Run by Shaun Cassidy is a lunch time pleasure.

Hip Hop attitude; I can be a part of the Lyricist Lounge. I know EVERY word of 2pac’s “hit ‘em up“…

Yori-Yori by Bracket is going to be my first dance at my wedding after I decide on my perfect guy of course.

My biggest secret is I LOVE DIY. I find it oddly therapuetic; nuts, bolts, hammers and screws when you look at it, its all a process in life. No?

If I were a cartoon I would be the love child of Cartman, Dory and Stewie to that end, my sarcasm, humour and wit are pretty twisted. But I stopped giving a damn from the age of two.

Dessert is a food group

I’ve been known to have ice cream for breakfast and cupcakes for lunch. At my dinner party I’ll only serve dessert. My fantasy dinner guests are George Bush, Michelle Obama and Anna Wintour: one I think has a cool sense of humour, one inspires me and one I would like to live in her head for a day and to give her a hug.

I am highly addicted to Redbull and Diet Coke.

Lola’s Red Velvet cupcake is my ultimate guilty pleasure. Lola’s make the best cupcakes I have ever tasted and I have tried them all. With champagne its simply divine.

Heart and Home

I’m a Londoner in my head but a New Yorker at heart. I love London its everything you can possibly want in a city; diverse, cool and creative. New York has my heart, its that cliched feeling of always wanting to return and never wanting to leave.  And as for Paris, it captures my heart in several beats, always making me want to stay.

Which brings you right back to me…

Children terrify me. Babies, even more so…but I have the utmost respect for all mothers because they are doing the damn thing! Children come without a returns policy, so moms, I salute you. My greatest fear is that I’ll be just like my mother but if I am, that will also be my greatest achievement because she is simply the best.

 Unlike my mother, chances are, I’ll curse at my kids because I have a sailor’s mouth.

I am catholic but I read the stars and signs and believe that one day, just one day, maybe it’ll all come true.

To that end I am a walking conundrum.

Someday soon, between my love for handbags and obsession with a good story, I will give you something to talk about and hopefully change the world with my words. Or at least some part of it.

I guess that’s a lot about me…

xoxo Madam.