5Things with @meredithheron

Meredith is like my feisty older sister, she’s sharp as a whip, takes no twits and she doesn’t have a problem calling you out. Trust me I’d want her on my team any day. She is also one of the coolest and warmest people I have met on twitter, she’s a red head which means I am eternally in love with her because my inner bitch is a red head. She’s inspiring when she is not being funny, she’s motherly when she is not being sisterly (yes her son will marry my daughter so BACK OFF mothers…!), and she’s a hard worker. She has guts and deserves all the glory. She’s charming and her sense of humour is off the charts. I’m sure we were sisters in a former life. I get her, she gets me, all #50Shades…lol. I adore her, you’ll love her and you’ll never, ever be bored of her because there isn’t a boring bone in her body.

1. If you could have your ideal world in a room what would be the top three things; it could be anything, a country even?

  • Chic Parisian Apartment. Huge Windows/Doors to let a lot of light in
  • Vintage Chandelier or Lighting – 1950’s brass probably Italian.
  • Amazing fabrics & area rugs. This is my preferred luxury.

But my # 1 thing would be my family… I’m a sap.

2. If you could go back to the one moment in your life and relive it again what would it be and why?

I’m not one to regret things. Things happen for a reason it’s not always apparent why but I trust that I’m being lead down the right path even if I don’t understand where it is I’m going.

3. What is the one thing we would never ever catch you doing? 

Scrapbooking. I’m not really a fan of housework of any kind either.

4. Love is…

Hearing my lil boy call me Momma and having him hold my hand.

5. How would you like to be remembered?

Bold, Sassy, Speaks her Mind, Lives her Heart, Passionate.