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Oh Spring…

Spring. I love spring, I am a child of Spring. My birthday is on the cusp of Spring, although it always feels more like winter, but there was that one time when the weather was spring perfect, my 30th. I remember that day like yesterday, I went to town, brought a really expensive bag and watched Wicked in the West End. Spring, for me, doesn’t start until after lent, its one of the reasons I love lenten season, the expectation of things to come after the cleanse. It feels like a new life has come, the sun shines brighter, the time goes forward- sorry I don’t care what anyone says, that hour lost is murder, especially with insomnia- the sky is bluer, or meant to be but the rain pounds hale again the roof and the winds threatens to huff and puff and tear the roof off. But there is something about that, that always feels like a cleanse washing away the muck of winter, clearing the ground for a new earth. I love Spring.

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I spent the morning of this Spring’s dawn feng-shui’ing my space. AGAIN. I am a creature of habit, restless and antsy sometimes, always in need of a new view, an itch to move things round to find the perfect position and and let in the light. I thought I was done with this in december after it took me five days in the New Year to get my space to a place where I was comfortable, but I got thinking again…its a dangerous thing to leave me alone to my own device sometimes because things get moved around, positions change, and heck a trip to IKEA and we are in business.

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There’s something about Spring, the perfect in between. Its my favourite season to spend in London, we hit that sweet spot where everything is as it should be; not too hot, not too cold, lighter evenings, brighter mornings. For a moment we are afforded the luxury of perfection. Its the moment when our wardrobe choices just work, the heel height is just right, its warm enough to go without tights, and light enough to want to stay up all night. Its flirty and fun, the expectations of things to come. We makes plans to have dinners with friends, make lists, give clothes away, make travel plans and while the days away. Its flowers- I hate flowers but I have found a new appreciation for them- and dates, staying out late and frivolous plays.

Its happy hour all season long, if we could all just get along.