Its actually a facial wash, I don’t know why its called a cleanser since cleansers are typically different in formation. This is a face wash and its damn good stuff used together with the peach scrub, it works heavenly. I have been a fan of Burt’s for a long time, the products are natural and honest to goodness stuff that deeply moisturise and protect. My favourite ever body wash, or body shampoo as they call it- can we get some labelling done right guys? Thanks. That’s a conundrum for another time, but the Baby Bee Tear free body shampoo is the BEST out there. I use it, my whole family uses, the scent is heavenly and it lathers up like no other.


Back to the cream cleanser/face wash and deep pore scrub- these are my hero duo of all hero duos think the Batman and Robin of beauty products. The Soap Bark and Chamomile Cream Cleanser is a creamy light wash that gently caresses your face as it washes and rids it of the dirt and oils and the deep pore scrub finishes the job leaving your face feel fresh and invigorating. My face can get pretty dry, especially in the winter months but with these two products the dryness is controlled, my skin is balanced, deeply cleaned and utterly moisturised.

The cleanser is rich without being overt, made with plant based cleansing agents, bark extracts and witch hazel, chamomile, aloe and cocoa butter to help even the moisture. The scrub has granules of peach in it! Finally the peach redeems itself for being the most boring fruit on earth, with willow bark and golden seal extract known for their astringent properties… whatever those are, these are two pretty good products.