I have a thing for stationery. Correction, I am OBSESSED with stationery, and over the past month I have spent about £100 on notebooks. Forget the fact that I already have a box and half full of notebooks from Burberry to Smythsons, no matter how many notebooks I have, It’s never enough, for nothing warms my heart like the smell of a brand new notebook, the promise of empty pages and the excitement of things to come.



Over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed many companies, especially fashion companies, are tapping into our addiction for paper and extending their brands into more of a lifestyle as opposed to the standard apparel focused brand; mommy’s got to wear pretty clothes, the the kid’s got to write in fancy paper. I would imagine that soon enough stationery will become like perfume is to a brand, the cash cow and even cheaper, so even better. My go to space for stationery used to be Paperchase but about a couple years ago I discovered Christian Lacroix Papier and life as we know it has never been the same. Talk about high fashion stationery. Lacroix brings glamour to paper like I didn’t know was possible; be it a suede appliqué hard cover, which I have or a flexi cover with parisian illustration on the front, yep got it too, or gold embossed leather-like cover that comes in red, black white, gold, silver…I have the gold, it is my favourite, but I am going in for the red, black and silver…heck maybe even white, I mean I will never write in it but it’ll be good to look at. Don’t judge please.



On a recent jaunt to Scribbler, another of my favourite stationery shop, off the beaten path and to the left of crazy kind of cool, which I love, I came across another stationery maker, Go Stationery, (website here) that makes some of the most divine notebooks and journals. One of my favourite says “fuck off” on the cover, the perfect notebook really, but they don’t just stop at the inappropriate, they give you pretty like the fuchsia pink with little gold hearts, chic; black and white little kaleidoscopic square, blasé one with Blah, Blah, Blah on the cover, pastel with pretty houses like you’d find in Nottinghill…its all so gloriously beautiful, and the paper a pleasure to write on.




Last week I made the mistake, or wise decision call it what you will, of walking into Liberty, word of advise never walk into Liberty stationery department you will leave with everything. Liberty is one of those places that’s everyone’s favourite, it has something for you, your sister, your weird friend, and grandma, even your great aunt Muriel…we all have one of those. Liberty brand of stationery is blessedly Liberty and to that end, beautiful. I picked up a floral and Paisley set which I cannot wait to write in, but I am trying to be good and use up my Lacroix before I move on to my Liberty notebooks. The stock quality is the good stuff, the cover, the feel and the colours, its all so pleasantly well presented and you couldn’t possibly imagine my excitement.

Does that make a crazy person? Oh well. Go out there and buy some stationery you’ll thank me later. I accept notebooks. 😉