Over the past few months the world has witnessed racism and disregard for black men and women in America. Police brutality, media stupidity and worse, legal justification for these atrocities. Racism, it is alive and well in America, do not be deceived. When a young boy cannot walk home without fear of his life, a young woman cannot seek help without fearing that some maniac will put out a gun in her face. Where a teenager cannot listen to his music in peace or a twelve year old child play with his toy without fear that he would be gunned down by police. As a black man or woman in America, young or old, you live in constant fear for your life be it walking down the street or sitting in your home. Slavery, lynching, the klan. People want to say all kinds of things, people want to tell you that is not the truth, do not listen, do not buy it. American police are possibly so mad that their President is a black man, they go around killing people who look like him.

An anthem was needed for the movement.

I always felt love for Janelle Monae, since her acceptance speech at a BET awards show where she talked about where she comes from, and why she wears the colours she does, but this song has elevated my respect for her. In an age where celebrities want to support the movement under the radar, be modest about voicing their support, in some disguised bullshit of being humble, a time where people need them show up and shout out, demand and talk back, she is not only stepping up but giving an anthem for the movement.

#SAYHISNAME #SAYHERNAME Use your platform, make your voice heard, never shut up, demand justice and demand it NOW.