One of the best things about working in Greater London, not central, is discovering new places to eat, sit, read, chat, etc. I came across The Farmery one night going home late from work, 10pm kind of late. It was a long, long day. I was hungry but not in need of solid food, I wanted something sweet yet filling. I’d often walked past the farmery but never gone in, its a dessert place in Richmond; cupcakes, crepes, frozen yoghurt. It looked busy, bursting with people, young and old.



10pm. Will probably not make it home until about midnight, so I decided to stop by. That late at night and the queue was almost out the door, there was only one server at the tills; making the yoghurt, selling cupcakes, and making crepes. Naturally, this would have put me off but people didnt mind waiting in line for at least fifteen, twenty minutes. I wanted in on that. For dessert, I always want in as you already know.



The Farmery has the goods to back up its customer loyalty. The frozen yoghurt is pretty damn good, I recommend the Salted Caramel, strawberries, nuts…maybe some Nutella; they have just about any combination of fillings for crepes. The cupcake is not all bad too, and they are the only place I’ve bought cupcakes from that serve it properly to take away; in cup with a cap that protects it from being lopsided. Brilliant.


Even more impressive however, was the girl at the till who must have been frazzled off her feet and anxious, but maintained her cool all through. Never once complained or got an order wrong, she was polite, apologised for the long wait, and thanked everyone for waiting. Talk about service.

So if you are in London, do stop by Richmond and pop into The Farmery its a lovely little slice of goodness.

The Farmery, 49 The Quadrant, Richmond, TW9 1DN.