The Summer Tee

Three weeks ago I saw a girl wearing my kind of tee, it was slung on her body in a perfect way, in the perfect grey, round neck and folded capped sleeves. I loved it on sight. The next day I saw a girl at work wearing the same kind of tee in a different colour. When things like this happen; popular items of clothing popping up randomly all over London, it can only be from one of three shops, ASOS, Primark or H&M, The tee is from Primark.

A pretty cool summer tee-shirt, light and easy on fit, loose and breathable and the best part its only £4! I love it, love it LOVE IT!! I spent many lunch hours trawling primarks all over London, from Hammersmith to Kilburn in search of this tee-shirt in Grey. Last night I jumped out of the bus on Oxford Street to pop into the hellish Marble Arch branch only to find it there…the grey that I was after and another light grey. I bought three. Its the dark grey, isn’t it just the most perfect shade of grey?! Oh also the an unusual shade of reddish pink. And the sky blue too. It comes in an array of colours; mint green, light purple, beige, orange…knowing Primark its a matter of time before it comes out in every other colour. At that price you cannot possibly go wrong.

The Summer Tee- Whites and Stripes

H&M on the other hand has my favourite white tee, there is something about a white tee-shirt it just never, ever goes out of style like duh! But finding the perfect one that’s always the rob, nothing in fashion is ever quite so perfect, nearly but not always. H&M might be one step closer to making the perfect white tee a reality with this option, I love the stripe too. At £7.99, compared to the Primark price, its a steep climb, but its a white tee you cannot go wrong with.