Few songs define a moment in time like We Are The World, the meaning, the power behind the words, the emotion…it remains one of the most powerful songs I’ve heard in my lifetime. Recently, on a  trip back home to Lagos, (more on that later), I stumbled across the Africa version of the song; a rallying cry amongst some of the continent’s finest voices, to fight Ebola and Xenophobia and it brought back memories long forgotten of a time when people came together for a common good. This version is sung by Africans for Africa, people fighting for their people with powerful words put to song, a song that remains just as impactful. I love this version even more so than the original, something about seeing Africans come out for Africa, regardless of nationality, religion or race, a show of unity that tells a tale of hope fills me with utmost pride.

The only issue, which happens to be a niggling issue for many; I would have loved to see a broader representation of countries within the continent, it featured 180 artists from across seven African countries, dominated by South Africans and Nigerians, but lets not get into the politics of that, rather let’s heed this certain call to stand for something and fight, help, and give hope.

Musically Directed by Lindelani Mkhize,