A few months ago I cleared out my wardrobe and got rid of eight bags worth of clothes, two of shoes, and one of random excess stuff that I’d been consciously and unconsciously collecting over the years. Stuff, all this unnecessary stuff. Six months later, my wardrobe, several clothes, bags and shoes lighter, still had too much stuff in it, so I took another hatchet to it and did another clear out, this time more ruthless; who knew how into the boho trend I was? Or Juicy velour tracksuits? SERIOUSLY! And those pattern palazzo pants… yeah…no. Bags that hadn’t been used since they’d been bought, shoes from twelve years ago, I kid you not. It felt good to condense two wardrobes, a chest of drawers and 16 cubby holes to just one wardrobe and 8 cubby holes of clothes. Don’t get me wrong I still have quite a lot of stuff, even I realise that, but getting dressed every morning is an easier feat…relatively. I have scheduled another clear-out for six months time, and every six months after that until I am absolutely certain everything, EVERYTHING in my wardrobe serves a purpose. I hope it works.

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Getting rid of stuff I worked hard and paid hard money for, wasn’t easy but these things were taking up space and time, time I didn’t have. Have you tried getting ready for work in the morning going through options and options of clothes only to end up wearing the same thing? It’s a waste of my time and sanity. I love fashion, cliché I know, but I am the consummate consumer, so to speak, and fashion girl. That Carrie Bradshaw quote; “I like my money where I can see it; hanging in my closet” was me to a T, (although Carrie Bradshaw irritated me to no end, see this post,) and whilst I still love playing dress up and having choices, that shit gets old really quickly, you have to keep it moving. With this much stuff I couldn’t get a move on. I’d spend hours, literally, trying to find something that works, most times everything works, and other times, nothing. I’d be up until 2am, 3am, trying to find the perfect Wednesday outfit. Monday is always killer and full on so the outfit reflects the day, Tuesday is Monday light, Wednesday; girlie and bright, Thursday something easy, and Friday, jeans; even then, finding the right top was always a mission and half of impossible. Let’t not even talk about shoes and bags, that’s a whole other asylum of madness.

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I get it now, when people bang on about having a capsule wardrobe and particular go-to looks. In my case, however, I had too many of them.

My closet is not the only thing I’ve been decluttering, lately, I’ve found myself trying to sieve through the noise out there, virtually, and in my physical day to day, to focus on what it is I need to hear and how much is relevant to me and for me. And to be a little more still. It is for this reason I haven’t blogged much lately, not that I don’t have anything to say, I have lots, travel, food, books, make up, movies etc. I have a ton to share, but I also needed to decide on the tone of my work, what niche, if any, I want to be in; none I figured. Still, there is power in knowing that I can tune out sounds and declutter in a space where everyone is doing the most.