KATE SPADE CASERetail 101- customer service is the backbone of any industry, be it tech, hospitality, stripping, if your customer is not satisfied there is no way in hell you will survive. And that rule pretty much applies through out life, supply the demand that keeps your customer base happy. Or try to. I’ve loved Kate Spade for a long, long time, every year without fail I buy the desk journal, some tech accessory or other because the brand is just so kitchy and cute. But as Kitchy and cute as it is, the customer service sucks on a major level. its quite frankly, ridiculous.

Recently, or not too recently, Kate Spade launched the UK branch of their online store, I would imagine to better serve its customer base, which would have been wonderful if only the UK site were on par with the US site. If only.

The first issue with this ridiculous mess is that we now cannot access the US site, everything routes back to the UK, if you live in the UK. Stupid move. The second issue, there is hardly anything to buy on there, its the same goods since the store went live in November/October and its bLand and boring, and pales in comparison to the US site. Its akin to the anti-climatic ending of a really great movie, you know that movie where boy meets girl and all roads lead to a happy ending but then the boy dies and leaves the girl to pick up the pieces and wallow in heartbreak the rest of her life? Okay, maybe its not that dramatic but what a mess of things they made. I would gladly have paid the $30/35 for delivery from the states if this is the mess they decided to make. There is hardly anything on the store, everything on there has been there since they first opened and nothing feels refreshed or updated. Its the ugly step sister of katespade.com.

But this is not my gripe, forget all that, its the absolute mess they made of things whilst I wanted to purchase something that was not no longer available because I couldn’t access the US site.

The other week when I couldn’t log onto Katespade.com, and couldn’t find anything I wanted on .co.uk I logged not to chat with a representative, KATE SPADE IPAD CASEI was told to send an email or call  the store in the US to make the purchase. O-K, give your customer more work to do why don’t you? Because ya know, I don’t have time for anything else. Not to talk about the cost of calling the US from the UK to make a purchase. I thought that was what an online interface was for. At first I was told there would be more coming in the store, but when I informed her that the site hadn’t been updated since they opened, she sent me to the mobile site that only sells in Canada and America. Oh gee thanks. When that didn’t work she suggested I call the states and speak to customer services, when I informed her in a round about way that Kate Spade doesn’t pay my bills she suggested I download some apps in order to talk.

In the end I bought one from eBay and asked a friend to grab the iPad case I wanted in the states and bring it when she’s coming over. In a week’s time.

In a nutshell; a bloody mess.

Thanks Kate Spade.