Today is National Handbag Day, aka, my second birthday (you know how much I love a good handbag). Every year, on my birthday, I buy myself new handbag hence most every bag I have is significant; regardless of brand. I’m the kind of woman who cherishes a handbag more than a diamond ring; I don’t even think I want a wedding ring just a closet full of the very best bags. I used to say, to my imaginary future husband, don’t buy me a ring, buy me a Birkin…or Kelly.

Handbags, I believe, are an extension of your life, for the simple reason that you carry your life in your bag. It also happens to be a designer’s bread and butter, besides perfume; there is something less exorbitant and more justifiable about spending a thousand pounds on a bag than a designer dress; I tell myself this to justify my most expensive handbag, a Gucci hobo, which cost that much, but has hardly been used to a fraction of the cost. It works.

The type of handbag a woman carried says a lot about who she is, its much like shoes for men, you know that saying, you can always tell a man by the shoes he wears, (any man who wears trainers with a suit just needs to grow up!) If your clothes are a definition of who you are, your handbag is the mission statement of your style. It doesn’t have to cost the earth or be the trendiest, but I believe there is a certain theme your handbag brings to you as a person, that is particular to you.

IMG_5571I don’t remember the particular moment I became a fanatic of handbags, but I do remember it stemmed from watching my mom get dresses as a little girl, and being so taken with her handbags; they were the most divine pieces of her outfits and it pulled everything together really nicely. With the right handbag, there are no loose ends to an outfit, everything fits, flatters and falls into place. One of my most prized possessions is my Mulberry Baywater Croc handbag, the Bayswater is a classic above all classics, almost as iconic, if not equally, as the Birkin, but something about the Baywater gives it an edge when it comes to class; it has not become so common, and bastardised like the Birkin has by reality TV stars. The Bayswater has remained the epitome of quintessential English style, and like fine wine, ages so well. It is not just a bag for a moment, its the bag for most every moment of your life, because somehow it just fits.

And that’s the secret of a good handbag, it should just fit in, and around, you.

Happy National Handbag Day