Apologies for the blog silence the world has me a little bit disenfranchised and angry with it’s goings on, and when I’m angry I cannot write objectively. Too many curse words you see. But we’re here now.

In church this morning this was a part of the hymn sequence. I’d forgotten how much I love this song. It really is the best of songs. The words resonate with me, as  I’m sure it does with everyone who’s had a listen. It brings hope, joy, reminds you of a time or particular place, when or where your soul was healed. A person who was there for you when you thought no one was. Regardless of what you believe in, the words mean something. Different to each and everyone of us, for me it’s a reinforcement of my relationship with God. My personal salvation. Whatever it is for you, I hope you have your amazing grace all day everyday. And here’s to peace on earth. Someday soon.

Have a blessed day.