A couple weeks ago, I was scouting locations for an event and had the privilege of touring round Strawberry Hill House and what a magical place it is. We ended up passing on using the space, but it left me with a lasting impression.

Strawberry Hill House was transformed from a couple of cottages to a gothic castle by Horace Walpole right in the heart of Twickenham. The castle became and remains a place to visit. It’s out of the way for the touristy traveller, so chances are you’ll still enjoy visiting as you won’t be besieged with the Harrods crowd. It’s a unique space for events be it school days out, corporate away days, weddings, etc. The grounds outside are beautiful, but its the inside that takes your breath away, filled with character and wonder. The ceilings, the carvings, the hallways, halls, stained windows…its Wonderland meets Hogwarths and I might have found the perfect red room from Fifty Shades of Grey…lol.

Its simply stunning, and that stained window is right where the promo for The Gentle Woman was shot. As you wander along the corridors, bends, and rounds, look up at the ceilings and be bowled over by the detail.

If you’re getting married I’d look here first and then no further. Its perfect.

Visit the website for visiting times and to make inquiries.