Whether its a beach read or murder mystery, chick-lit or mommy porn (what is that?!), nothing surpasses the pleasure of a good book. I say this all the time because it is true. What are you reading to last you through the season? I’ve got some suggestions that might tickle your fancy.

Eversea and Forever Jack- Natasha Boyd


I fell in love with Jack and Keri-Ann’s story and I’m pretty sure you will too. It’s a love story, pure and simple and sweet. Its about knowing the depth of one’s strength and having a conviction of character. And its changing a tyre in the rain whilst two men bicker over you; damn cool.

Sisters- Danielle Steel

summer reading- sisters

Because sometimes you just need to curl up and get lost in a novel by Danielle Steel, the QUEEN of feel good fiction. I love this book about how intertwining our lives can be as sisters, how unifying it can be as a family and the strength of that bond. The unexpected curve balls life throws us and how we deal with it and move on.

Game of Thones et al. George R.R. Martin

Summer Reading- Game of Thrones

Because we just NEED to know. Because waiting until April 2015 to continue on in this epically fantastic journey is too long a time. Its not your typical summer read, but get stuck in its a good’un.

Daisy’s Back in Town- Rachel Gibson


Everyone needs to meet Daisy, she’s fun and feisty and a whole lot of trouble. Jack was one the of the first really hot men I read about, and years later he is still as hot. But this story, no matter how short-ish it was, has a lot of beef on its bone. Rachel Gibson knows how to spin a good yarn and chuck together the most unusual and funniest characters.

Efuru- Flora Nwapa

sumer reading- efuru

Reportedly the first novel published by a Nigerian female author, Efuru is a story about wanting what you don’t have, but still having what others want. Efuru is a successful business woman who is very well respected in the village but those successes mean little to her because of what she perceives as failings in her personal life; marriage and children. It aptly depicts the significance of marriage, especially for women in a patriarchal society, and covers touchy issues that remain today.

The Cuckoo’s Calling- Robert Galbraith

summer reading- cuckoo's calling copy

Because whatever J.K Rowling writes is good as gold and nothing beats a good old whodunnit. Because this JK away from Harry Potter but still a dab hand at the art of story telling.

Cupcake at Carrington’s- Alexandra Brown

cupcakes at carrington's

The cover is what made me pick up this book but its also a fun filled, witty read with all the sweet stuff. Its a heart warming, charming and delightful story. Georgie Hart the lead character is a girl after my heart; handbags and cupcakes, err…HELLO?! But the other characters are just as delightful and the story is a pleasure to read.

Americanah- Chiamamanda Ngozi Adichie

summer readiing americannah

I’ve loved Chimamanda Adichie for a long time, Half a Yellow Sun, Purple Hibiscus… She has a way with words, its poetical and raw and its hard to come by. Americannah is a take on the American Dream, from immigrants’ point of view. Mixing race and romance, is no mean feat, one ultimately usurps the other but not in Americannah. Right until the very end of the book Adichie keeps us engaged. Ifemelu is like marmite you either love or hate her… I am still deciding.

So go lounge on the beach, throw your sunnies on, lather yourself in sun screen and have a good read.