She’s here and I am no where near ready for her. This happens most every summer; I make plans during the winter months to get my butt in gear, body tight and  right, even make a good start on it but never really seem to be channelling Beyonce- yes its always Beyonce pre BEYONCÉ, when her curves gave me major envy, that original Bey Body- come May-June. I mean, one day I may get there but clearly not this season. Summer is here, I still have those hips and thighs that do not tell lies, and its all good. I’m cool with it. For now. (hit me up when I have to put on a swimsuit or something- I may not be so cool then). Listen, I don’t have the hours in the day that Beyoncé has- yes, I know she put out an album the same time as going on a world tour, blah, blah, blah, but Beyonce 24 hours are not the average woman’s 24 hours ya know, heck even if they were, I still wouldn’t be inclined to be in the gym for more than 45 minutes. But more than that, is the peace I have made with the body I have. I don’t know if its maturity through age, they do say the 30s give you something of an IDGAF attitude, or the fact that I really loathe the exercising, but whatever it is, I have decided, consciously or unconsciously, to work with what I’ve got. No quick fixes, no collecting magazines articles on “how to get your body summer ready in four weeks”, no crazy body blitzing workouts, no detoxes, Gawd no more of that! We, my body and I, are just going to have to hug and work it out. So far, fashion seems to be working with me; the one piece is have a renaissance moment, summer dresses come with sleeves, the afro is very cool and so very in, high waisted everything is a good look with crop tops and the midi is now a wardrobe staple.

Summer is looking up.

This is not to say we jettison the Bey Body *Beyonce voice* aspirations in life, but it makes life a lot less sucky knowing this is not the summer I worry and nit pick. This summer I may not be showing off my legs in shorts, but I won’t be the girl who lounges on the couch on a warm summer day for fear of body jiggles, when I could be out in the park having a blast with my bestests or on the beach luxuriating in a one piece jiggle or not, or freaking out over what to wear every time I receive an invitation to a barbecue. We all have body hang ups and I will freak out once a while, but this is the summer we all get too busy living it up to give a f#$!

Cheers to that!