I’m done. I am really done with the England National Football Team. Sick and tired of the excuses and reasons why England cannot seem to advance more than the quarter-finals of the world cup of late. OH MY GOD WITH THE EXCUSES!! LIKE SERIOUSLY?!! If its not the weather, its the pitch, if its not the pitch its the referee, if it not the referee its the coach, the linesmen, the manager… blah, blah, blah. It is NEVER the fault of the players, ever. I mean come the hell on already! Its like being an Arsenal supporter, and I should know because I am a Gooner.

Every four years we go through this same shenanigans, get behind them as a nation, fans spend thousands of pound on tickets, hotels, flights, etc. I have never seen more passionate fans than England supporters. Never mind that there is that belief at the back of our minds that the team might not take us all the way to glory, we remain dedicated. And we are amongst the best behaved, save for some idiots. We don’t throw bananas at black players, we don’t make monkey noises or chant ugly racist rants and if anyone is caught being ignorant they are dealt with, I give the FA that credit, they are more forthright in dealing with idiocy like that. And no league is as global as the Premier league, some clubs have even more foreign than English players.

The English football team consist of some of the highest paid players in the world, if not the highest paid, but they are halfway decent on the world stage. How embarrassing was it for a whole nation to rely on another nation to see them through to the next stage of the competition? How utterly humiliating. We were all praying for our bitter rivals, Italy, to win over Costa Rica, the same team that gave us a 2-1 whooping and what happens? Costa Rica silences them. And that was the team, Italy, we couldn’t even beat. Uruguay was meant to be cake walk, everyone thought we’d win that easy, it was supposed to be in the bag. Wayne Rooney even scored his first World cup goal, but that was not enough. The back four was a joke. Really? You give a guy like Suarez that much room, OF COURSE HE IS GOING TO SCORE A GOAL!! TWO!! HELLO? You play with him every single week in the premiership you should know better!!

Some people were making excuses for their schedule with the premiership, BULLSHIT. Suarez plays in the premiership every week how come he can do what he did and y’all just there looking like, huh.

Listen, lets call a spade a goddamn spade, the England Football team is mediocre at best, they fail to perform, almost, every single time, and we keep getting excuses as to why. But its simple; they are not up to task, other teams, with their limited resources have gotten better. We have all modern conveniences at our disposal, but fail to make the cut. For this world cup we had a team of 72 experts, nutritionist, psychiatrist, cooks, equipments to regulate the body temperature of the players, they even had a bespoke recovery drink made for them after a team of scientists at Loughborough University studied their sweat patterns, so nothing more could have been done to prepare them for the tournament. I doubt the Uruguay players, came with a psychiatrist. Or cook.

I refuse to place blame solely at the feet of Roy Hodgson who, through naiveté one might argue, put youth ahead of experience, but he can only go so far to do his job, the rest is left to the players. We saw a strong side against Italy, England played attacking football and were not afraid to go for the ball despite a weak back four. Hence, and I hate myself for even admitting this, his failure to include Cole or Terry in the squad is to his detriment. I don’t like either player, and was even happy when none of them made the team, but I can change my mind how ever many times I want and its up to Roy Hodgson to know these things anyway, those two would’ve been a better pick, even Rio with his five minutes window would’ve done a better job. Against Uruguay, England was the stronger team, we had more possession of the ball, had better chances but failed tactically to see the threat, Suarez, and deal with him effectively. And I have to say, it was the old boys who let us down the most.

At the end of the day, England is out, the earliest since 1958, abysmal is the only word that can describe this. Where do we go from here? No one knows but we have to go somewhere.

If one more person mentions the squad of 1966, I will in-fact beat the shit out of them because that squad was hungry, and they earned less than a quarter of what these players earn today. So stop living on past glory and build your own legacy.

And didn’t Stephen Hawking tell the team to wear red if they wanted to win?