Because on Mondays, especially when mercury is in retrograde, we eat cupcakes for breakfast. At least I do, when working from home and there is one cupcake left in the box…of course I do. I love a good cake I do, duh, and its always a pleasure to discover a new cupcake shop. I would admit that’s one thing I miss about London, the endless amount of cake shops around near enough every street corner.

Over the weekend I popped to Brighton to see my bff cross the finish line of the London-Brighton Bike Ride, afterwards I meandered around Brighton, which reminds me so much of London because its just so busy, and found the Catwalk Cake Shop on Bond Street, a lovely pretty building that sticks out like a sore thumb on the very busy street. It has a cafe where you can sit and enjoy the treats, if you can get a seat that is.

Onto the good stuff, CAKES!! I do believe I have found the best red velvet cupcake so far…I mean I’m having a hard time choosing between Catwalk and Lola’s but damn it good. SOOOO GOOD! Without a shadow of doubt Catwalk takes the cake, all pun intended or none, for the best salted caramel cupcake with shards of caramel in the icing and delicious caramel inside cupcake. The sponge is most and the frosting is delicious. I loved the oreo as well and I am not even a chocolate person. If you are in Brighton you should definitely check them out.

Find them on Facebook here, they don’t have a website, which is a shame, but they are located on 22 Bond Street Brighton. (From the station walk straight down to the clock tower take the turning left, by Boots, into a road with Krispy Kreme, pound shops etc. When you get to the HSBC take that turning into Bond street its on the right side of the road, look out for the pink and blue building) telephone number- 01272818822.