Its only the most anticipated shoe collection and its here at last. Well not quite but soon come. Images from Mrs Broderick aka Sarah Jessica Parker’s impending shoe collection in collaboration with George Malkemus, the CEO of Manolo Blahnik, for Nordstrom, have emerged and, after the tease of that single shoe weeks ago, its so worth the wait…but what a wait it was. Even I would admit that when it comes to shoe icons, none is more significant than Carrie Bradshaw- FACT. Not even Imelda Marcus, I’d say she’s number two. Therefore, it is only fitting that the woman who played such a character parlay it into a collection.

I adore this collection, it speaks to the non-shoe loving but I have a lot of shoes, woman that I am. Its quintessentially Carrie; can’t you just see her in Maud, (a tribute to shoe designer Maud Frizon) but its also very everyday woman, like the Diana or Anna, Wintour, I suppose. Its fancy but practical; it doesn’t look like it’ll break your neck. Its colourful and pretty but there’s that simple element of charm to the collection; nothing is overwhelming, no platform and no drama but there’s fun, lots of fun about it. Retailing between $195-$500 a piece, there is a little something for everyone. Etta is my favourite, its going to be very popular- a nod to the SATC days of the corsage. Bobbie with its scalloped detail and cut out is not far behind. The addition of the flat summer sandal a la Wallace, is absolutely brilliant and espadrilles too; what is summer without a pair of ‘drilles eh. (I’m going to pretend I did not just try to colloquialise espadrilles. So should you) (and yes, I know colloquialise is not a word but I think it should be. I mean if twerk and bootylicious can make it into the dictionary…) Where was I? Yes SJP shoes, the classic black court is present in all its daintiness and would you just look at the Carrie…

What a darling collection.

Now I know this is not going to be in the UK for now but SJP tweeted me to assure me we will be able to order the shoes online via Nordstrom. She is hopeful that in the near future they will hop across the pond. Come on Selfridges, Harvey Nics, make it happen! I know right. I’m such a tosser, like SJP tweeted me like we are so BFFs but she did. lol.

photoI mean there I was in my UGGs, some tatty jogging pants and flour stained tee-shirt, cleaning and tweeting and who should reply to an earlier tweet…Yup.

SJP Collection will debut on the 28th of February exclusively at and select Nordstrom stores stateside.