I can’t even tell you how fed up I am of saying the same thing over and over again. Seriously though Vanity Fair? For real?

Magazines won’t let women be fat, be skinny, be Black, be White, be plus size, be wrinkly, be freckly, be old, be young, be anything they want to be, but perfect in their eyes because they feel as if that’s what their readers are after.

Just look at the difference between these two magazines and tell me if there isn’t something other than lighting going on here. Vanity Fair have made her at least two shades lighter. They may be two different set ups but someone has gotten carried away with their retouching…

At this point its more than just a race issue, it is that primarily, because some magazines don’t seem to understand Black Beauty and the fact that they feel the need to alter her skin tone in such a manner is in itself insulting on several levels and demeaning to a whole culture, but also there’s the fact that every woman on the cover of a magazine, Black or White, is touched up within an inch of her life. Remember the Lady Gaga Vogue September Issue cover? Shit they won’t even let Lady Gaga be Lady Gaga! Its more an issue of selling this notion of perfection based on false ideals and that is so damn twisted I can’t even begin to explain it.

LET US BE WHO WE ARE AND LOVE US JUST THE WAY WE ARE!! Otherwise you need to come up with a different subject matter for your front covers because this is has gotten way out of hand.


*flips everything*

PS- I found this sitting in my drafts from last week scheduled post failed to publish but I’m a dog with a bone, I just couldn’t let it go… lol

images, Vanity Fair and Dazed & Confused.