For a long time I’ve loved all things Kate Spade, I love the kitchy kookiness of its aesthetic and the endless cuteness at the same time. One of my favourite buys every year, its almost a ritual now I suppose, is the Desk Calendar. I love the themes, how fuss free and well thought out it is, like they want you to have an adventure of some sort. The 2014 theme is travel and every month sees a new destination to travel to…oh to be free of time and limitless on cash I so would.

kate spade diary

After three months of waiting and tweeting at Kate Spade with no response, which was a let down because I expected more from a brand as such, and calling the store even after I left my details to be called when the product was in store which they didn’t do, I finally got my diary. Oh well, there goes the follow through customer service review but I suppose attitude reflects leadership. I got my diary and that’s all that matters in the grand scheme of things.

kate spade diary inside

Its got a generous day planner, month view, which helps get everything under control at a glance, restaurants, birthdays, addresses and notes pages. It features work of New York based artist Bruno Girzzo in its “places to go and people to see” theme; colourful illustrations and cute details.

kate spade diary day

Their attitude regardless you should still go buy, its a good-un.