I hate fairs, they are noisy, overcrowded, filled with squealing teenagers, tourists and everything is grossly overpriced. But in some cases, its a matter of timing, as with everything in life, you just have to find that perfect window when all hell hasn’t broken loose and you can enjoy yourself before the onslaught of the madness…its rare, but it happens. The Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is back in town. A gloriously coloured, garishly bright and incredibly noisy, edifice smack bang in the middle of the park; you can see it all the way from Marble Arch on the ground, all angles at night and pretty much any high buildings several miles out.

It opens at 10am daily, and the best time to be there is between 10 and 12noon. No self respecting teenager gets out of bed before noon over the weekends and or on the holidays. They have plenty to keep you entertained; the Christmas markets where almost everything is sold- hand crafted goods, jewellery, clothing, fair paraphernalia, even vintage signs and posters. There’s lots to eat, sweets, delicious hand made chocolates, mulled viking blood…yeah wine, very good but pricier than average hot dogs and burgers, AMAZING liqueur laced hot chocolate, chinese food, pizza etc. Of course there are rides, sky high rides, roller coasters, a giant observation wheel, a Zippos circus pavilion, ice skating rink, Magical Ice kingdom, which could be the coolest thing there, a fantastical world crafted from 200 ton of snow and ice, there are trolls, knights, a dungeon, ice sculptures etc, its a whole different world in there and ice cold so dress up warm. There’s even a Haunted Mansion, which is anything but Christmassy considering  Halloween is like so last month, but if that’s your thing then enjoy.

All in all its a fun family and friends day out and free to get in. Job done.