I’ll admit, I’ve never been a Marant girl I often find her too much of a cool girl brand, very it and popular…I’m in the minority I know, but it is what it is. However, her impending collection from H&M has me doing a double take, its very true to that Marant signature, but there’s something about it, it strays a little from that cool western cow girl-sorority-varsity, look that she peppers the runway with. This hits a sweet fashion spot. There is languidness about it, ease, its all very fun and freeing but the DNA is not overdone. Here are my favourite things…Most are, but these are the ones that I’d go over my overdraft for…Ho Boy.


Marant x HM Ladies


marant hm man


Marant x hm kids

Lovely right? This has to be one of their very best collaborations and it fits in with their aesthetic, elevates it even; cool is something H&M strives for. Unlike Madonna’s which was a complete collection of the crappiest of craps or Jimmy Choo, which was somewhat sideways with the clothes, save for the Stella McCartney, this comes up trumps. I bet you there’ll be queues of people sleeping outside H&M in London and it’ll sell out within seconds online…hopefully we can all get something.

Isabel Marant x H&M in stores November 14th.