Because its fashion week and we are going to be all rebellious and eat junk food and feed the models whilst we’re at it. Burgers are not really my thing, cakes, macaroons, ice-cream for sure. Burgers? meh. I’ve never really taken a fancy to them but whilst hightailing it to my meeting like a headless chicken in heels, on a very Monday, Monday- when I missed breakfast and didn’t feel the pangs of hunger until about 4pm, I don’t even know how I did not drop dead- I stopped by a cosy little burger bar on the Fulham road for what should have been a quick bite but it got extended to something of a ME moment. The Chosen Bun; Burgers like they should be done.

That beautiful burger above is called The Shoveman. 100% beef, you can have it as you like it; well done, rare, medium-rare. I had mine well done, with all the trimmings; caramelised onions, garlic chutney, lettuce, cheddar cheese, Shoveman sauce, smoked streaky bacon and Nick’s pickles…put that all together and you are in an alternate world of amazingness, your personal heaven if you will. The Shoveman sauce is the clincher and they are not stingy with their portions either. I sat there, nodding and enjoying my burger so much it didn’t matter that I would be late for my meeting.

Then came the milkshake and it BRINGS ALL THE BOYS TO THE YARD. I’ve never really cared for milkshake because I haven’t tasted one that tickled my fancy until now. The Oreo milkshake will do all kinds of wonders for you. Thick, rich, delicious and inviting you to indulge. You won’t regret it. On my way home I stopped by to get another shake, this time I went for a Vanilla, Caramel and Rum shake made with vanilla ice-cream, caramel and aged dark Caribbean rum…ORGASMIC.

There are sides too, I got the Belgian, triple cooked chips tossed in rosemary salt, which I’ll be honest, was a little too salty for my taste and too crispy, but I’ve never really been gaga for fries or wedges so it was no big deal. But next time I’m going for the deep fried Mac and Cheese balls.

Best thing about Chosen Bun, they run a delivery service, not for the whole of London but most of the South West and South of the river. Hopefully, they can expand to the North-West and Central. Their packaging allows for it too; the burgers come in encased in a perforated tube inside the burger box and this gives it enough ventilation so it doesn’t get soft and soggy whilst you’re travelling. Pretty fantastic non?, The sides too come in perforated tube packaging to allow them breathe and the shakes, in glass jam jars with screw caps.

Burgers to your doorstep? Yes please.