As you know by now I’m a huge Fifty Shades of Grey fan, obsessed with Christian Grey and for all that’s been said about the books, its a very romantic, twisted love story, a little sappy and much at times but that’s just romance for you and where there’s romance I go there. I want to go to Seattle sometime soon, I want to see all the places talked about in the books in and around Seattle. I’m partial to books set in New York because the City comes alive, and to a great extent this is what E.L. James does with Fifty Shades. I’m really looking forward to being a tourist, God help my Instagram. My very lovely friend Shirley of LovelyLanvin kindly put together things to do in and around the City she loves and calls home. She’s not a Fifty Shades fan but I am working on that. If its the last thing I do Shirley, YOU WILL LOVE CHRISTIAN GREY!! Lol.

Certified sweetheart and amazing chef, Homegirl can throw all the way down, her blog is my go to because she makes a mean meal out of anything and as you know, I love a good meal.

Here’s Shirley’s Seattle;

1. Why did you choose to settle in Seattle?

We really didn’t choose Seattle hubby’s job brought us here. We moved here from Tokyo and fell in love with the city. Now we don’t ever want to leave.

2. Describe Seattle in three words to someone who hasn’t been.

Friendly, Green, Educated .

3. If they had one weekend to spend in the city what should they do, see, go?

I would start at the famous Pike Place Market and see the original Starbucks and have a great lunch at my favorite French Bistro Le Pichet.

Spend a day exploring the International District (our Chinatown) and stop at the Wing Luke Asian American Museum and shop at the Asian grocery/gift shop Uwajimaya. For lunch stir fried Dungeness Crab with Black Bean Sauce at Sea Garden, Vietnamese lunch at Tamarind Tree or Dim Sum at Jade Garden.

After shopping at the flagship Nordstrom Seattle and Barney’s New York, hop on the monorail at Westlake Center and ride to Seattle Center to visit the Space Needle, EMP (Experience Music Project) Museum and Chihuly Garden and Glass.

4. Your favourite neighborhood and why?

My favorite Seattle neighborhood would have to be Capitol Hill. It’s such an interesting and diverse neighborhood filled with Artists, great boutiques, hip coffee shops and some of the best restaurants in the city.

5. Best three places for lunch…

Little Uncle on Capitol Hill, a walk up Thai place that has the most authentic Pad Thai in the city.

Tim Douglas’ Lola for the best Greek lunch around. The Lamb Shawarma, Greek Salad Chicken Kabobs are my favorites AND it’s right next door to the Escala Condos! (OMFG!!)

Rainshadow Meats Squared in Pioneer Square is a butcher that is owned by a former Chef! They carry all local meat and they make the best Porchetta and Corned Beef sandwiches.

6. Best three places for dinner…

Book Bindery ~ This is my favorite upscale restaurant right now (there aren’t that many in Seattle, they’re very casual here) great food, impeccable service and such a beautiful space. You feel like you’re eating in a beautiful house. I had my birthday dinner here in February.

Cuoco ~ Another Tom Douglas restaurant that specializes in Italian food. Great Lasagne, Bucatini and Meatballs and probably the best gnocchi in Seattle.

Madison Park Conservatory ~ Went there for the first time in May, but have already been back and it has become one of my favorites. The best ribeye steak (that is cooked in a wood-fired oven) ever and great clams and pasta.

7. Best place for coffee.

My two favorite coffee shops are Stumptown and Bauhaus on Capitol Hill.

8. Because I know you are the ultimate sweet tooth best place for sweet eats…(cakes and pastries etc)

The best place for sweets would have to be a tie between Dahlia Bakery for the famous Triple Coconut Cream Pie and the best Peanut Butter Cookies in Seattle and Crumble and Flake for their Pistachio Croissants and Cinnamon Rolls.

9. Best places to shop for any and everything.

Nordstrom and Barney’s for the best clothes, shoes and bags.

Great Jones Home for funky and one of a kind home furnishings.

Martha E. Harris for the most beautiful flowers and gifts,

Watson Kennedy for beautiful dishes, linens, artwork, soaps and gourmet gifts.

10. What’s the tourist scene in Seattle like?

The tourist scene in Seattle is very lively during the Summer. The streets are filled with tourists during Summer and we have many cruise ships that stop here too.

We have the best Summer in the world. Not too hot and most important we don’t get the humidity here. The sun sets around 930 pm in the Summer so the days are very long and you can enjoy every bit that Seattle has to offer. Seattle is also a very safe city so you can feel comfortable walking around the city even at night.

And on that note, lets all go to Seattle. Thanks S!!