Last night I cooked and baked for the family, this morning I woke up and baked breakfast…something is going on with me, just when I declared myself undomestic I have suddenly become Betty Crocker meets Julia Child throw in Mario Batali, of some sort and I find myself barefoot and in the kitchen, not pregnant, but I am not mad at it. Yet. Hell, I actually enjoy it.

Rainy mornings. The typical British summer time comes with a few days of rain and those days are some of my favourite, especially when I’m not wheezing around town trying to make it into work or to a meeting. I love a rainy summer day indoors. As it so happens we are having one this weekend, of course being Bank Holiday weekend its only natural. I woke up to the sound of rain against my window pane, I know, cliché right? But it was one of those mornings I didn’t have to do a thing other than change sides in bed, my curtains were drawn and lights off and my two-month old nephew, bless him, was sound asleep so it was absolutely blissful. The whole house was quiet; no alarm clocks pinging off somewhere.

At 10am my body fully woke up, after an hour of just lying in bed, I got out of it and quietly made my way to the kitchen with the intention of making a proper English breakfast but before I knew it I was butters deep in batter whipping up cupcakes. Dessert is my default food group so I love baking. I put Scandal on my laptop for background sound and pottered around like I did the night before, making a meal of it.

Some forty minutes later;


Here are my seriously delicious red velvet cupcakes. Sorry Humingbird, but my red velvet kicks your red velvet’s arse, and with just enough frosting to allow you enjoy the taste. #justsaying 🙂

Oh and here’s a trick I picked up from watching Cake Boss, half the cupcake, bottom-top half and make a sandwich.

cupcake halves

The loveliness didn’t stop there, I tossed in some peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, this time there was no extra crisp so it was nicely soft with just a hint of vanilla. Yes, Yes, YES!!


My nieces woke up and together we had milk, cookies and cupcakes for breakfast, there was ice-cream and Baileys action going on somewhere where the kids were not allowed, whilst Tinkerbell and the Secret of the Wings played on TV and I worked away on my laptop…

Blissfully perfect. I hope to continue the rest of the weekend in this way.

Here’s to your blissful weekend even with the rain.