Some people come into your life and leave almost immediately or sometime thereafter without making a mark. Others stay and they have a piece of your heart. Teri is the latter kind of girl. She’s adorable and lovely and just so sweet and sassy. From the moment I started following Teri on Twitter she struck a chord with me, she sees past the bullshit, her raw honesty and wicked sense of humour are some kind of wonderful. Sometimes I think Teri was my twin sister in another life or I was her and she was me, but somehow someway, we met each other in this life. Teri is for real and I couldn’t love her more.

After too long a time of tweeting with each other we finally met earlier this year when she came to London for a business trip…I always thought I’d meet her in New York first but as fate would have it she came to my turf. Just like Teri to beat me to the punch! I looked forward to the day like a kid in a candy store because when you strike a friendship like this with someone thousands of miles away, whom you’ve never met but feel a connection to, its pretty special. At first it felt like we wouldn’t get to meet each other; meetings, meetings and more meetings but as fate would have it, the day before I was supposed to meet her, plans changed on both our ends and we decided to meet up.


Teri in London

By the time I met Teri, it didn’t feel like I was meeting someone new, it felt like meeting up with a friend after she returned from a trip and we were catching up and making up for lost time. We talked and talked about everything from fashion to relationships to music, culture and everything in between. We were together for near enough ten hours and we talked the whole time. FACT; She’s even cooler in person, lovelier too and sassier. Another fact; she was in all black everything.

We went to lunch in Wagamama, after which I wanted to show her the very chichi Ladurée café in Harrods so we walked from Kensington to Knightsbridge, yes, still talking. We hopped on the bus back to Kensington where we met with a colleague of hers who’d been to the V&A, went back to her hotel room and talked a whole lot more…you’d be surprised by how much there was to talk about. For dinner she wanted good old Fish & Chips but the pub kitchen was closed so we settled for Thai at Papaya Tree where we spent much of the night talking, over really delicious food (soon come). I have been back to that restaurant almost every weekend since, sometimes several times in the week, the waitress knows my order by heart and she can tell when I will be arriving for lunch. It also helps that I love Thai food so finding one that’s excellent and right on the money is a bonus. I laugh at the fact that it took someone coming 3,465.23 miles, give or take, to point me to it. Each time I go there I look at the little table at the back and am reminded by the pleasant memories of the day I met Teri and hope those eating at that table share good memories too.

It was 11pm before we reluctantly decided to part ways and call it a night, but I know she’ll always have a piece of my heart.

Here’s to a beautiful friendship.