Everyone fell in love with Issa when the Duchess of Cambridge then Kate Middleton wore a royal blue, silk wrap dress from the label to the official announcement of her engagement to Prince William. In a few hours Issa went from a little known lovely label to full blown global brand that will forever be synonymous with the Duchess and in that way, with the royals of a new era.

However, bar its ss13 collection where it delivered a spectacularly divine tropical line up Issa has coasted on its fame and rested on its laurels, producing a bunch of same-y type pieces for every other girl with royal aspirations. In a sense, it has become the new ladies in waiting go-to label.

Issa x Banana Republic1As I noted in the SS13 review, what Issa does, Issa does well; which is make pretty dresses, and what Issa doesn’t do, it really doesn’t do, like variety. Its time to press refresh on the label’s aesthetic. This collaboration with Banana Republic was a victim of that sameness; there were duchess type dresses, duchess type tops and preppy cardigans. For the most part this was a very matronly collection, too prim and proper, bar the prints that caused a much needed and refreshing interruption to all that propriety. The colour scheme was uninspiring, I hit the snooze button here. The clear winners include the kimono wraps, jewellery and accessories.

Issa x Banana RepublicIts a more daytime collection, office wear for sure, maybe dinner and cocktails or work functions, so in that respect it will resonate more with the work crowd. They are pretty and easy pieces, but very lacklustre and unremarkable, even if some prints are exclusive. Still, it’ll find its market more for its royal association than anything else, I suspect. Investment? I wouldn’t stretch to call it that, its an okay collection with good price points.

Issa x Banana republic accessories

Overall, its underwhelming. Enough of the whole Kate Middleton engagement dress rehash now please.