serendipity friends

A friend is one of the things you get to love about life. In today’s button operated, virtual world friendships become even more precious, preceding space and time. This is one of the blessings of social media; connection. Some days I don’t have to step outside my room to feel like I’ve been among friends and sometimes I prefer my virtual friends to some real life ones… there’s just no drama. Ya know.

India Jewel Jackson is a bad ass chick and a friend you’d want on the battlefield. Me and India, like most of my interactions these days, met virtually on twitter. Her sharp and sweet wit was the big draw for me and seriously, the girl can make me laugh with her no holds barred tweets. She’s a freelance writer, beauty junkie, journalist and soon to be published best selling author. I’m calling it. So of course when she suggested we meet for a meal on her trip to London a few months back, I was more than up for it. And nervous too, because you always wonder if you meet the expectations of the person you are meeting for the first time, what they’ll think of you and if you’ll be half as cool as they are. India is way too cool. I’m a bit of a introvert and somewhat awkwardly social until the ice is broken if I’m not comfortable with you, the ice will never break, but with India it shattered within the first few minutes of meeting her.

She is responsible for taking two of my food virginities. On her suggestion for our first date we had mexican. Now, here’s something you should know about me; I’m very unadventurous when it comes to food, if I like something I’ll eat it until the cows come home and then some; its total abuse. In that way, I’m a creature of habit, but in this instance, I thought what the heck I’ve never had proper mexican so I might as well. We met at Westfield and headed to Wahaca a very lovely mexican restaurant with a pleasant ambience. The food was delicious, I had seafood as did she, with rice and salad; I didn’t try to salad I’m not big on salad but the fish and rice were just perfect; well seasoned, well cooked and washed down with a cocktail and good conversation. More than the good food, it was knowing that I didn’t weird her or freak her out. Phew!

I met India again for lunch last week. It felt like the morning after the first date when you are waiting for the follow up call. Lol. This time lunch was fried tofu; another first. I’m a bit of a chicken lover…okay, a lot. Fried chicken is a gift from God to the world and I’ve never really cared much for tofu which I’ve always considered weird food. But India told me I’d love Tofu just as much as I do chicken. Sacre bleu! Since my mexican adventure with her was so successful I was willing to give it a go. Our second date was at Naga in Kensington. I worked in Kensington for three years and didn’t even know this place existed. Needless to say, it was just as delightful even more so than the first time, and its true; I now love tofu *almost* as much as I do chicken. We fell right back in sync, conversation was longer and sweeter; life, love and all the other shit. After lunch we took a long leisurely walk down Kensington to Nottinghill’s famous Portobello Road, which was thankfully tourist light. We walked all the way to Ladbroke Grove where we jumped on the train home.

A most pleasant summer afternoon spent with one of the coolest and fun people I’ve had the pleasure to make friends with.