It seems so wrong to be talking about A/W already when we are still in the thick of a proper summer, but I couldn’t possibly let this campaign go by without a natter. As you already know, I love a good handbag. More than love, I live for a good handbag because its the most defining piece of accessory on a woman’s body…more than shoes, but that’s just my opinion. You can tell a lot about a woman by her handbag because its the place she hides her secrets and keeps the essentials. Looking into a woman’s handbag takes you into her world, tells you about her life almost; what’s dear to her. The handbag holds more than the mundane phones and make up bags, its literally one’s life in one’s hands.

LK Bennett, a high street brand that has gained much panache because of its association to the Duchess of Cambridge no less, has launched the Rosamund collection of handbags inspired by Rosamund Pike, the face of the brand and one of my favourite actresses. I’m not a fan of celebrity “designed” anything but having seen these bags in the store I tip my hat off to the actress. Inspired by an opening shot of the 60s film Darling, starring Julie Christie, Pike talks about the qualities her collection embodies; modernity, independence and freedom. The freedom of having everything in your bag and being able to go anywhere, which essentially, is what a great bag gives you and the fact that you can’t tell what chaos is going on inside from the exquisite exterior. Couldn’t have put it more perfectly.

The 3 bag capsule collection; The Petite Rosie, The Essential Rosamund and The Weekend Rosa, is timeless and transitional; from winter to summer, and truly reflects a woman’s lifestyle on the go, much like hers. I find the campaign endearing there’s not a lot of fuss, the bags are finely crafted, subtle details and quietly luxurious.

lk bennet rosie

The Petite for those who don’t carry too much.

lk bennet rosamund navy

The Medium for the more everything and anything carrier as I am.

lk campaign

Rosamund taking over London.

 In a retro style, bowler doctor shape, the bags are made with fine nappa and grained italian leathers, lined with soft suede-like material, three inner compartments, a concealed external pocket with magnetic fastening and complete with a matte gold safety pin zip, inspired by one of Pike’s favourite pieces of jewellery, an earring. The colour schemes have been kept tame; navy, burnt orange, very rich chocolate, forest green etc. hues that make this an even more versatile collection.

Whilst I won’t go so far as to call this a collection of “investment” pieces, its still a pretty nifty, very well made collection worth the pretty penny.

Shop the Rosamund collection here