Another favourite summer tradition that has fallen to the way side since we went and got ourselves all grown up and what not. I however, will make the most of this fabulous weather we are having; I will have a picnic. I will. I will. I will. I loved picnics as a child, barbecues, beach bonfire nights anything that had to do with the great outdoors and eating grilled deliciousness really. So this summer let’s make a vow to ourselves and have a picnic or two. Heck even three. Call a friend to call a friend to call another friend. Make a list and let everyone commit to bringing something on it. I’ve put together a few favourites to help along the way.

If you can’t be bothered with schlepping from store to store to buy these you can easily pick up a hamper from your local store.

a-z m&s indulgent hamper
Indulgent Hamper from M&S

Indulgent Hamper from M&S; Belgian collection biscuits, bordeaux wine, Spanish Marcona almonds, wild flower honey, Marc de Champagne truffles, British plum and damson soft set jam, English mint dark chocolate buttons. £60.

a-z picnic choc
Chocolate Lover’s Hamper

The Chocolate lover’s hamper from Harvey Nichols; Harvey Nichols Chocolate Fudge, Milk Chocolate Thins, Lime and Coconut Dark Chocolate Bar, Mixed Berry and Vanilla White Chocolate Bar, Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles Trinket Box, Amadei Tuscan Black Chocolate Bar, Xavier Mor Almond Almendra, Hot Chocolate Drink Caddy, Dark Chocolate Covered Biscuits, Madagascan Sambriano Chocolate Bar. £60.

Personally, I like hot food but its too hot to eat anything hotter so we’ll stick with cold foods that are convenient and doesn’t require you to cook anything…as you know how I feel about the kitchen. The D.I.Y Picninc basket some of the things you can pick up in your local grocers some are store specific but for the most part won’t take you to the ends of the earth to source.

DIY Picnic basket

From left to right;

DVF x Evian bottled waters; just because we can. Buy here for £3.95

Peanut butter and Maple syrup; heaven in a jar from Harvey Nics. Go. Buy. Thank me later.

Fluff, strawberry flavoured marshmallow ready to eat from the jar. I can’t tell you how wonderful this is. Buy here. Or a big Sainsbury’s

Salads from your local. Waitrose have a great selection but none do a better Niçoise than M&S

Cheeses; M&S have a great continental selection for six quid or there about.

Fruits; from the local green grocer.

Zorza red wine from spain; simply the best ever red wine on a budget. Period. Granted I’m not much of a wine drinker but I’ve sampled a few and can tell you this wine is delicious and a bargain at about £13. You will not find any better wine than this, on a budget. PERIOD. Buy at your local Threshers.

Hello Panda; biscuits with soft filling; chocolate, vanilla or strawberry. Yes it tastes just as wonderful. Buy in Wasabi or most other big supermarkets.

Charbonnet et Walker Champagne Truffles. Needed. Available in Selfridges, John Lewis and other chichi department stores.

Little jar from Ikea as reviewed here.

Milo & Nido. As a kid this was my hot chocolate, in boarding school my breakfast, lunch, even dinner and used for various concoctions, and as an adult its my guilty pleasure. Have it cold and thick fill your mug halfway with Milo and Nido powdered milk, pour ice cold water, stir and drink the thick mix. Enjoy slurping on the last bits at the bottom. In boarding school we’d make a paste from it with very little water, lots of Milo and Milk and stir until it came out in a thick crunchy, chocolatey paste. Oh the good old days.

Basci Di Dama; Lady’s Kisses exlcusive to Harvey Nichols; dark chocolate sandwiched between two hazelnut and chocolate biscuits. A most indulgent and decadent snack. Love the tin too. Buy here

Tails miniature cocktails; ready mixed cocktails just add ice. Comes in four flavours; Elderflower Collins, Cosmo, Espresso Martini and Mai Tai.

Please drink responsibly and clean up after yourselves.