Its very seldom that I go shopping for household type goods simply because I am not domestically inclined, so to speak. I loathe house chores with every fibre in my being, the kitchen is literally the last place I want to be and the best way to kill me is to ask me to iron anything; DOOM!! Its a wonder I can cook, at least I think I can, and bake. I’m the child who never stood in the kitchen to watch her mother cook, rather I was curled up in the corner reading or outside playing tug-o-war and slobbering on ice cream in the heat. Very little has changed.

niknaks jars
Mason Booze Jar. TO-GO Jar. Urban Outfitters.

However, a couple of weeks back I had a pop-up event to host and had to come up with something quirky and vintage…I don’t do vintage and quirky is not really my forte, I’m more, let’s toss it up in the air and see how the chips fall, when it comes to planning entertainment or a gathering of any kind, and don’t even get me started on themed parties; they are the bane of my life. But this event couldn’t be a disaster. What I didn’t want were plastic cups and paper plates, I knew that much. A dear friend and I sat down to brain storm the hell out of this and she showed me these jam jars that were used to serve drinks at a barn fair she’d been to apparently they’ve been around forever and I’m just late to the game. Figures. But no matter, I’ve become properly obsessed with these things so much so, I buy jams just to toss them out into storage bowls and use the jars to drink and entertain.

urban milk bottles
Traditional School Milk Bottles. Urban Outfitters

In Urban Outfitters you’ll find a variety of nicknacks like these going for a fiver or a tenner, the milk bottles are bloody brilliant in my opinion. I hated those things as a kid but now look. Buy some striped paper straws which you can get here on amazon; £2.40 a pack of 30 and there you have it, recreating your childhood. It couldn’t be more ideal now the sun is properly upon us.

If you’re hosting a big event you may not want to spend £5/£10 per jar or bottle, that’s really rather steep, so an alternative are these IKEA spice jars, at 4 for £1.99 seriously, the cutest things ever. You cannot go wrong.

ikea jar
RAJTAN Spice Jar

Hurry before IKEA find out what we are up to!

Disclaimer; Please don’t expect posts on house cleaning or silverware polishing…I know nothing. lol.

Buy from Urban Booze Jar here TO-GO Jar here and Milk Bottles here. Buy spice jars in-store from any IKEA and have a look here

Please drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive, drunk dial or drunk text even. Bottoms Up.