Okay, the summer season is finally upon us and we are getting all hot and bothered. Thanks Mother Nature. As the temperatures get hotter our hemlines go shorter; short shorts, short skirts and batty riders, that’s all well and good, but people please get some grooming. Shave, moisturise, deodorise…its just that simple.

Three simple steps for the betterment of mankind.

Shave; If you’re going to do the short-shorts thang honey shave your legs or do something.

Moisturise; Please pretty please Moisturise!! Ashy ankles and knees are not cute. Not even a little bit.

Deodorise; There is absolutely no reason to stink up the trains because you did not have a shower; bath yourself in a can of Sure if you have to. In the heat people sweat and sweat stinks.

Repeat after me; shave, moisturise and deodorise. Please and Thank you.

We the summer loving people.