The Return of an Icon. #DKNYArtWorks

dkny artwork

I remember when this mural lived in Houston and Broadway, practically a part of the neighbourhood for the 16 years it resided there. It was one of those really cool New York moments that took your breath away on first sight. Too bad Instagram wasn’t around then. It remains my favourite icon of any brand, an incomparable representation of New York because it captured the essence of the city; from Lady Liberty to that intrinsic 24/7 vibe, everything about it felt so emblematic. And so perfectly New York. I was bummed when it hung there no more and Abercrombie and Fitch moved in and tarted up the joint.

Here’s a video of how it was conceived…

Five years on and DKNY is resurrecting the icon that epitomises New York, like the brand itself, but this time its larger than life, bigger and better. I mean how else do you better what was already the best thing? Well they went and did it this time; rolling out a global campaign featuring works of 10 Artists from 10 Cities. These outdoor artworks, which will emulate the original DKNY mural, will embody the essence of New York City with a flavour of their resident cities, framed in the DKNY letters; New York through the artist’s eye. Its freaking genius.

Meet the artists in this video…

dkny time square
How & Nosm

As DKNY truly captures the social essence in social media by creating new ways to get their audience involved in the brand itself, there will be a social aspect to this, of course. Everyone is welcome to share their images and videos with the hashtag #DKNYArtWorks, which will be shared on the various social platforms the brand has a presence. And for London, there is a little something extra, we get to go on a hunt around the city like where’s Wally type thing…

In addition, there will be a limited edition DKNY Artworks Collection and an online auction of 8 Artworks from June 12th-29th. You can bid on them here, this will go to benefit Free Art New York.

Can you tell? I’m awed because this is just too AWESOME.

Go here, there’s so much more…

All images and video content from DKNY.