Spring-Summer and its new beginnings! I love the season with its wild and crazy happenings. School’s out and the summer holiday beckons. What to do? What to do? There’s something lovely about not having plans and seeing where each day takes you. Those are the best adventures. Here’s something you could consider whilst you’re prepping to while away long lazy days…

1. Chase the sunrise.

sunrise 2

Wake up earlier than everyone, head out and watch the sun rise. Nothing beats that first ray of light early in the day. Its the perfect way to start the day.

2. Take a wine or cocktail masterclass.


Nothing says summer like a tall glass of brightly coloured and chilled beverage. Or better still just hang out with a bunch of friends at the Courvoisier Rooftop Terrace at Harvey Nicks. Image here.

3. Gather together.

Cook summer meals, bake cupcakes and get everyone together. Nothing beats fun conversations and lots of laughs with loved ones. Image here

4. Tune out.

summer get lost

Get disconnected. Get lost. Discover new places in your city. With a friend.

5. Be a lone ranger.

summer alone

Grab a book and head to the park and enjoy the bliss of your own company. Image here

6. Eat Ice-Cream.

summer ice

Eat LOTS of ice cream. Don’t even think about it.

7. Reach out to an old friend.

summer old friendss

Build that broken bridge and pick up where you left off. Let go of the past.

8. Vacay-Stacay.

road trip

Go road tripping together with a bunch of friends, rent a little cottage in the country and make a weekend of it. Go on a romantic getaway, just the two of you; Paris is always a good idea. Whatever you do, hit the road and don’t forget the all necessary playlist. Image here.

9. Enjoy the great outdoors.

summer outdoors

Go to an open air theatre smack in the heart of the city, in one of the most beautiful parks in London. Catch performances of much loved classics; To Kill A Mockingbird, Pride and Prejudice, The Sound of Music etc. Watch an outdoor movie with Film4 on the beautiful grounds of Somerset House. Stay out all night, watch the starts twinkling in the sky and spend the rest of the day in bed. Or just watch  old movies all day.

10. Watch the sunset.


In the words of Iridessa, the light fairy in Tinkerbell duh!,”the last light of day its the richest kind of all

Here’s to the very best of Summer.