Bodies beaches bikinis

Summer. How we’ve longed for her; her blistering heat and gentle breeze. We spend all winter wishing for her return but as soon as she arrives, panic sets in. After months of hibernating in our many layers of clothing, its time to shed the comforts of winter and let our bodies kiss the breeze of spring and summer.

“Ugh! I’m not ready” she says.

“Well tough.” Summer retorts. “I’m here and you have to put up with me for months.” She throws in that look that says *I told you so*

Our bodies are never bikini ready; even the most bikini ready body will still find something to be niggly about. Its our make up. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bikini ready body and I cannot think of a single most terrifying activity than going bikini shopping. Can you? Well, save for a visit to the dentist that is, but they are on similar wavelengths of torture; trawling through the thousands of bikinis retailers ply us with this time of year. The colours and patterns. Will it fit? Will it flatter? So many decisions, its bad enough to make you wish for snow again.

But here’s the thing, like it or lump it, the weather is getting warmer, holidays long planned are drawing closer and you have just one option; let go of the worries and let flow with your body.

Repeat after me; Let Go. Let Flow.

Don’t go on some crash diet hoping to lose x pounds, no colonics, no detoxes. Nothing. Enough already. This is your body, your beautiful body. No matter your shape, size, tan to pale ratio; WORK WITH WHAT YOU’VE GOT because you are the best thing going for you. Forget the trends, the swimwear models airbrushed in the magazines and find what works on YOU.

Check your cares at the departure gates because its Wheels Up.