Spring. Its here!! Here at last!! You took your sweet time Mother Nature but I am not mad at you. For now. In celebration of the new season properly upon us, I thought I’d start a Spring-Summer A-Z chuck full of a bit of everything, from ashy ankles to zebra prints, I hope those are just so dead, mostly on a random tip, but all in good fun. So lets play letters of the alphabet.

S is for Spring Summer Scents.

Every summer we are inundated with a slew of fragrances from designers, offering different variation of their signature perfumes…see all the daisies from Marc Jacobs, it can be a tad exhausting to keep chopping and changing your scents. Ideally, safe for a few, your fragrance should be an all rounder not per season, in my opinion. I tend towards fresh scents with hints of something sweet and a dab of something wild. To that end, I’ve split this into three categories; Soft, Sweet and Sultry- something old, something new and something classic. Summer brings out the fun element in everyone with Spring as its prelude. Budding summer romances, pretty floral dresses, sun, sun and more sun. And not to forget the heady scents from the flowers in full bloom. Was that all too dreamy? Hang in there its all almost here. When it comes to your perfume you should opt for something fresh and easy even if musky; the heaviness of smells is not  appealing in the heat, or any other season for that matter.


Bvlgari Notte

Bvlgari Notte pour femme; this is possibly my favourite perfume ever made, a long lasting, refreshing scent that lasts for days, even after you do the laundry you can still smell it on your clothes. What I love the most about Bvlagari Notte is that talcum powder smell that literally leaves you smelling like baby as soon as the notes settle. There is something slightly mysterious about this perfume. With notes of galangal, seductive dark chocolate, powdery Iris and vodka…yes vodka, its very enamouring. You just want to keep smelling yourself. Or maybe that’s just me. Although its described as a night time scent and it is pretty intense, but a dab behind the ears, bends, neck is all you need to carry on from day to night without re-application. Promise.



Ahhh the sweet smell of the signature floral fragrance of the summer. The thing about floral scents is that they eventually become sickly sweet after a while because of their intense composition; I received Britney Spears, Fantasy or some such about three years ago and I used it once but I swear I can still smell it to this day. However, there are a few in a garden of many that strike the right balance. The ravishing Florabotanica from Balenciaga is one of such. I’m very surprised by how much I actually adore this fragrance because flowers, of any kind are not my thing…yes I’m weird like that, but this one is a hit. Hints of hybrid rose, vetiver, fresh mint and carnations result in a refreshingly tamed floral scent. Unlike most floral fragrances with rose notes, this doesn’t heap on the scent so you don’t smell as intense as say, No.5. Florabotanica is refined, subtle and perfectly sweet without being sickly.


Chanel Allure

Another favourite of mine is Chanel Allure eau de parfum. A step up from the classic Allure, this pays homage to its heart and base by still being fruity, floral and oriental but has only three of the six facets hence its not as intense but still quite sultry. Like its name suggests it is an alluring fragrance and sees out No.5 by miles. That’s just a matter of opinion but its the better smelling of the Chanels. With hints of vanilla, peach, begamort, a dash of floral and some cider, it hits the sultry mark just right with a fine balance. Its neither heavy nor light but everything about it smells and feels just right with a soft and sultry perfume. And as with all things Chanel, its a perfectly timeless classic. If it helps, in one day, three men asked me what fragrance I was wearing because the scent is absolutely divine. I assume it was for their wives or girlfriends because no numbers or proposals were exchanged or received, but don’t let that deter you.

Here’s to the Spring Summer Season.