My sis is knocked up, she has mere weeks before dropping the bambino so her very lovely friend put together a baby shower in her honour. I’ve never been to one of these. I have God children and nieces but I always skip the whole ceremonial shower thingy because all talk is about baby, all games about baby…what to expect when you’re expecting kind of thing, so I normally stay away from such trauma until its my turn. As this was thrown in my sister’s honour, I couldn’t not go. It was held at The Folly, a lovely bar-restaurant in the city, perfect for all kinds of eating and company and a good interruption from the hectic pace in the City. The space is vast but doesn’t feel like it, it has a cosy homey feel to it. Set out on two levels, its light and airy with mis-matched but complimentary furniture, comfy round booths for bigger parties, private rooms, mezzanine dining space, wood flooring, carved and quirky wooden walls, and more than enough floor space to get down when you feel the need to. The vibe is friendly and the wait staff even more so and very accommodating and the food is properly delicious in generous portions. Its hard to come by a restaurant with good food and good service nowadays and the more you pay, the more appalling the food and the service are, so the Folly is excellently excellent in all respects. I would so totally recommend, especially as the summer months are approaching its indoor garden will be perfect for evening cocktails.

The Folly Bar; 41 Gracechurch Street. Get off at Monument Station. I must warn you, Monument is a bit of a pain because it shares its exit with Bank; who the bloody hell thought of that.