Haagen Dazs Ice cream restaurant in Leicester Square is my absolute favourite place to indulge in my absolute favourite dessert; ICE CREAM!! You can sit in, in the two storey cosy, heavenly smelling restaurant or get your sweet treat to go from the take away side kiosk. It is tourist attraction, being smack in the middle of Leicester Square, but you won’t be sorry. Its busier in the evenings and on weekends but between noon and 3ish you should be all good. In the winter, even better. Besides ice cream of all different kinds and all delicious combinations; with crepes, waffles and ice cream cakes, they have the most delicious Cocktails; cosmopolitans, margaritas, daiquiris, and a particularly delicious Black Russian, even whisky laced espresso and heavenly tasting smoothies! Mouth watering already? Just go there.

Personal favourite; three scoops; pralines and cream, cookies and scream and vanilla, with a warm baked cookie and hazelnut or the Baileys espresso; Baileys ice cream blend with double shot of espresso, warm milk and a shot of whisky. It tastes as heavenly as it sounds. After a Sunday matineé Haagen Dazs is an excellent treat.

Haagen Dazs 14 Liecester Sq. London. Accessible via Piccadilly Circus on the Bakerloo or Piccadilly line or Leicester Square on the Northern or Piccadilly line.

In the area; M&M store, Odeon, Vue and Empire Cinemas and a hop skip away from China Town.